The Intervenor Organization of Ontario was formed in 1991 by a passionate group of intervenors as the first organization of its kind in Canada. The original purpose of the organization was to recognize intervenors as professionals, and to provide support and standards for certification. During the 1990’s, the field of intervenor services experienced a greater push towards professionalization, leading to the establishment of the George Brown College Intervenor for Deaf-Blind Persons program and the establishment of the IOO to support these efforts.


  • Participation in the 1991 “Intervention Task Force Report” alongside the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind and the Canadian Deafblind Association
  • Establishment and maintenance of a Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct for intervenors
  • Ongoing participation in the George Brown College Intervenor Program Advisory Committee, Deafblind Coalition of Ontario, and Intervenor Services Human Resources Strategy
  • Establishment of a division in Southwestern Ontario
  • Provision of a bi-monthly newsletter for members dedicated to intervenors and the field of intervenor services


  • Joan Mactavish
  • Betty Jean Reid