A Welcome to the IOO Blog

            Welcome to the IOO Blog! We hope you’ve had a chance to explore the newly renovated website and are just as excited as we are for the future of the IOO! As the first official blog post, we wanted to provide an overview of what the blog is, its purpose, why we felt a blog was so needed, and the kind of content you can expect to see on this blog. Our hope is for the IOO Blog to provide a platform for all interested parties in deafblindness and intervenor services and to act as a resource for the sharing of information. We hope you’ll stayed tuned over the next year for all of the new and exciting blog posts we have planned!

            Within the field of deafblindness in Canada, there are very few resources and publications that are widely available from a Canadian perspective; those that would reflect Canada’s unique philosophy and approach to services for all persons who are deafblind. This can present as challenging for new professionals entering the field, or for families and individuals who are deafblind looking for information and also significantly limits the ability to grow, share and disseminate information as a field at large. The best possible means to grow and learn from one another is by sharing information, and in a country so geographically diverse as Canada, meeting face-to-face to share information is not always possible, especially considering that many individuals who are deafblind still do not have adequate access to intervenor services to be able to attend such face-to-face gatherings, along with the varied hours worked by many professionals in deafblindness and the need to maintain these hours of service for individuals who are deafblind. Better access and sharing of information is something that would greatly benefit all persons involved in deafblindness, but should also be easy to access regardless of where you are living, be available at no cost, and should represent a wide variety of diverse view points to ensure it reflects the diverse population of individuals who are deafblind and those that serve them. It is based on these ideas that the IOO Blog was established. We recognize the need for better access to information for all people, the need to disseminate and share Canadian-specific content, and the need to reflect as many perspectives and demographic groups as possible. We, the current IOO Board of Directors, felt that a blog would be the best way to meet these needs.

            Our hope is to provide content and blog posts on a weekly basis. Some content will be of interest to all parties interested in the field of deafblindness, while other content may be more specifically geared toward individuals who are deafblind, or family members of individuals who are deafblind, while other content may be of interest specifically to intervenors or teachers of students who are deafblind. Regardless of the demographic group, we hope there will be something for everyone. The contributors for the blog reflect a variety of individuals who are deafblind, family members, intervenors, managers/supervisors, teachers, and researchers in deafblindness. Currently, some subject areas include; perspectives of family members, working with individuals who are deafblind and medically fragile, working with seniors who are deafblind, perspectives of individuals who are deafblind, specific communication strategies, along with perspectives of professionals in deafblindness and information on new and exciting events and projects in the field.

            Whoever you are, regardless of your background, we truly hope that you are as excited about this project as we are and will find the information provided in this blog exciting and beneficial. If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions or concerns on the IOO Blog, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Aguiar, at treasurer@intervenors.ca. We look forward to what this initiative brings forward!