September Professional Development Opportunities

The following are a variety of professional development events being offered in September relevant for intervenors:

September 2017 PD Opportunities:

September 13th Webinar1 hour Long FVA for students with cortical/cerebral visual impairment.

Sept 18-Nov 12 On-Line Calls Career Development and Self-Determination to achieve transistion successs

Sept 25 – Nov 19 Online Class Essential Assessments for Students with Visual impariments

Sept 28 Active Learning 5 Part Webinar Series

Fanshawe College in Class:

Sept 19 ASL 101

Sept 25 ASL 102

Sept 27 ASL 104

Sept 28 ASL 103

Various courses start September 12th at the link below. Some Include Behavioral analysis. Adults with Learning Disabilities and many more.

George Brown

Sept 11 Aging and Health

Niagara College

Sept 5 ASL 1

Sept 6 ASL 2

Sept 7 ASL 3

On-Going PD Opportunities:

Hadley School for the Blind

Ø  Courses include

Ø  Introduction to Braille **Free**

Ø  Diabetes and Visual Impairment **Free**

Ø  Advanced Braille Courses

Ø  Internet Essentials

Fanshawe College PD Courses

Ø  Not always running this link will allow you to view dates offered just click on a course

Canadian Deafblind Association E-Learning

Mohawk College

Workshops offered on a sign up bases


Perkins School for the Blind

Ø  Expanded Core Curriculum Series